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Em is passionate about helping women through all life stages and in all aspects of pelvic health.  As females we go on quite a journey through child bearing years, as mothers, during pre menopause and into post menopausal life. Our body transitions and changes in some very significant ways and this can, at times, be challenging to navigate.

What can I see a Women’s Health Physio for?

Many of the above conditions can have a mental and physical impact on a female’s life and I will do my best to provide a sensitive and holistic approach during our sessions. 

What will a Women’s Health Appointment Involve?

At your initial session I want to hear your whole story that has brought you to me. This will most likely be pelvic floor related but can encompass other systems within the body aswell. You may be surprised to learn how everything is connected. 

The assessment will differ depending on what symptoms you are presenting with. 

Most of the time we will do a full body screen looking at your posture and movement patterns during certain activities which can allow us to determine what external factors may be contributing to your problem. 

We may also use Real Time Ultrasound to assess the function of your abdominal wall  as well as allow an external assessment of your pelvic floor muscle function via Trans Perineal Ultrasound. 

If required we may perform an internal vaginal examination. This allows us to assess the function of the pelvic floor muscles.

After a thorough assessment we will then piece together your puzzle and come up with a specific management plan for you. There is often alot of education involved here to empower you with the knowledge you need in order to improve.

I believe every woman has the right to be able to exercise and move their bodies. It isn’t fair to be limited by fear of leaking, by a heavy bulge in your vagina, by pain. I want to work with you to build your confidence and help you get back to what you love; whether that’s running on the beach, squatting heavy, playing tennis or jumping on a trampoline with your kids.

No you do not need a referral to come to Active RX Physio. 

If you have any questions about Women's Health feel free to  contact Em anytime to discuss on 0424 461 284

Of course you can. We love meeting your little ones. There is lift access to Level 1 and lots of room for your pram in our office.

There is a parents room located downstairs in Pacific Square if you need to feed your baby before or after an appointment. 

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Women's health reviews

"I saw Emma postnatally when I was trying to get my strength back and deal with muscle separation. She got to the root of the issues I was having really quickly and her treatments were spot on. Her depth of postnatal knowledge was very reassuring. I had seen other Physios in the past who I felt didn’t understand my issues and how it was affecting me, Em set me at ease straight away."

Lisa B

"I found Active RX when looking for an affordable women’s physio when pregnant. Having had 2 pregnancies herself (now a 3rd!!), Em was the ideal physio as she understood the toll that growing a human takes on the body and really helped with my back pain as well as ensuring I was prepared for birth & my postnatal life! Pregnant or not Id recommend Em in a heartbeat for her friendly yet professional expertise :)"

Lucy R

"Active RX Physio was referred to me by a friend. I was suffering back pain. Em was so accomodating and I instantly very comfortable in her presence . Just over a year I had twin girls,she educated me in particular about the effects of post pantrum about what was the root cause of my pain.She went through several different exercises. I found it really helpful when she sent videos of exercises I needed to do and always was so good to follow up and make sure I understood why and what I needed to do.
The pain in my back was gone within a wk and has not come back. I would highly recommend Emma. Such a lovely person and so professional ✨"

Sara M

"I went to see Em all through my second pregnancy and postpartum, and can't recommend her services as a women's physiotherapist enough.

Prior to seeing Em, I was worried about my pelvic floor and large abdominal separation due to carrying 2x large babies (both over 4.5kg!) But I felt very supported and was given easy exercises to do at home to gain strength again in my pelvic floor muscles and core, along with easing tension all around my shoulders and lower back.

Em is not only a fantastic physio, she also gives the best massages!! I can't thank her enough for my speedy postnatal recovery, she was a game changer this second time round!!"

Audrey S