Injury Diagnosis + Management

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Our physiotherapists have extensive experience working with sports and musculoskeletal injuries

Our aim is not only to find the underlying cause of your pain but also to provide a long term management approach to ensure that you stay injury free in the future. 

An appointment will include going over a detailed history of the presenting injury and a thorough assessment to identify all potential drivers of your presenting problem.

We have a hands on treatment approach which can include soft tissue massage, active releases and dry needling. In almost all cases you will be given rehabilitation exercises to complete at home to assist with your recovery.

Being based inside a gym we have the added benefit of being able to use the gym floor and its equipment. As an example; if you are experiencing back pain during a deadlift, we will often take you out to the gym and watch you perform that lift. This allows us to watch your form and potentially identify whether this may be contributing to your injury.