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At Active RX Physio we use dry needling in conjunction with other hands-on therapies.

Dry Needing is a modern adaption of traditional acupuncture. This technique uses thin filament acupuncture needles which are inserted into myofascial trigger points. 

These points are palpably tender, tight bands of muscles that often we can reproduce a patients pain by applying pressure to these areas.  

Research suggests that when a needle is inserted into these trigger points there is a reduction in tightness and sensitivity. This can result in pain reduction and improvement in muscle function. 

There are several ways that dry needing can be used depending on your presenting problem. In some cases we will be looking elicit what is called a ‘twitch response’. This is a localised, reflexive response in a dysfunctional area of muscle. We often search for these twitch responses as it’s a sign the needle is in the right spot to create a change within the soft tissues. 

Dry Needling is not a painful treatment. Some patients can experience a mild, dull ache in the treatment area at the time and forum to 24 hours afterwards. 

Em and Nick are both trained in Dry Needling and use it as part of their treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions including neck pain, headaches, back pain, shoulder dysfunction, and hip tendinopathy (to name a few)