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Active RX Physiotherapy owners Nick & Em both have a real passion for health, fitness and physiotherapy. Both have performed at an elite level in their prospective sports so they understand the physical demands that training and competing can have on the body. As a result they realise how important strength & mobility work can be when it comes to staying injury free.

Injury Diagnosis and Management
Our aim is always to find the underlying cause of your pain and provide a long term management approach to keep you injury free into the future.
Women’s Health
Em is passionate about working with women through all life stages. Whether you have pelvic floor concerns, incontinence, problems with your bowel, pelvic organ prolapse or pain with intercourse we can help you.
Massage Therapy
Evonne is an experienced massage therapist offering a range of different styles of massage including remedial, deep tissue, hot stones, cupping, sports and pregnancy massage.
Pre and Post Natal Care
Em is passionate about helping women navigate this journey. You can see her during pregnancy or in the postnatal period for issues related to the musculoskeletal system, pelvic floor or guidance with return to exercise after having your baby.
Dry Needling / Western Acupuncture
A technique using fine acupuncture needles that are inserted into myofascial trigger points within skeletal muscle. It can assist with modulating pain, relaxing soft tissues and improving function.
Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
We will guide you through the pre and postoperative stages of your recovery; working closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Mobility Assessments + Individualised Exercise Programs
We can provide you with a tailored exercise program that incorporates your ongoing rehab exercises into your gym program. Full body mobility assessments can include specific exercises targeted towards improving your body's ability to move.
Workers Compensation, CTP Claims + EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) Plans
If you are involved in a workplace injury or accident we can ensure you are provided with the best rehabilitative care We accept EPC referrals from GP’s where a portion of the session is covered by Medicare.
Myofascial Cupping
A form of trigger point therapy and myofascial release. This therapy combines massage and stretching techniques with the use of pressurised cups. Soft tissue is suctioned inside the cups, allowing for fluid movement and nutrient supply to the tissues
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Client reviews

"I’ve had recurring lower back pain over the years, it pops up every 12 - 18 months and when it does I have to take time away from training.

Last time it did I went to Nick at RX Physio. He was great. He genuinely cares about getting you back to healthy. He sent me short videos of the exercises / movements I needed to work on which made it much easier for me to do what needed to be done.

I was able to get back to doing what I love following his treatment plan. I’d absolutely recommend RX Physio to anyone."

Jake C

"Active RX Physio has been my go-to for various injuries, all of which have been successfully treated without any re-occurrence. Their expertise and friendly approach make each visit reassuring. Active RX Physios' clear explanations and accompanying exercise videos are extremely helpful in understanding and following the recovery process. I can't recommend these guys enough - their exceptional care speaks for itself."

Melvin L

"Em has been a wonderful physio for me. I've been for an ankle and shoulder issue so far and with both she's been spot on with what it was, recovery time expected and the right exercises to do to get back into fitness. She sends helpful videos/texts to make sure you are doing the right movements and the massages in our sessions always seemed to help too. I'm confident that she is always striving to get people back to full fitness as soon as possible, and doesn't like to drag out sessions, which can often be people's concerns with physios. Not to mention she is also very friendly and was very kind to help me with strapping my ankle for my soccer trainings and games"