Evonne Campo Romero

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Massage Therapist

Evonne is an experienced Remedial Massage Therapist, with a deep understanding of various massage styles. These include relaxation, remedial, sports, deep tissue, along with pregnancy and postnatal massage.

Evonne uses a combination of remedial, myofascial release techniques, and trigger point therapy to help her clients manage pain, reduce tension, and
increase their range of movement. She also provides hot stone therapy and Myofascial Cupping, incorporating them into her treatments for a comprehensive and holistic approach.

At the heart of Evonne’s treatments is her passion for empowering her clients to improve their quality of life. She goes beyond the massage table, offering supportive guidance on self-care, self-massage techniques, and gentle stretching. This approach empowers her clients to take an active role in their wellness journey, reinforcing the benefits of her treatments and supporting their personal goals.

Evonne's Reviews

"Evonne @active RX is amazing! Every massage is tailored to your needs on the day to ensure maximum results. The fascia cupping is my favourite as facilitates a deeper remedial massage without the pain and the hot stones are divine.

Evonne is professional & caring & makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.
Evonne helps me maintain a high level of intense training and I know many gym mates (male & female) who also love Evonne"


"I get massages from Evonne regularly. She is outstanding her technique is fantastic. I love the combination of hot stones, cupping and massage"