Who is Active Rx?

Who are we and where did we come from? For those of you that are interested…. read on. For those not so interested… we reckon you should read on anyway.

Everyone has a story. Whether its luck, opportunity, chance or choice there is always a reason why people end up where they are, doing what they are doing.img_5501

Active RX is the product of a bit of all 4 of these. We have always had a real love for sport and fitness, which is lucky because you won’t find a shred of anything that even closely resembles musical or artistic talent in either of us! We have both competed at an elite level, Em in hockey and Nick in rugby union. I guess you could say this fostered our interest in the human body, how to train, how to perform and most importantly how to recover. Thanks to personal experience we also became quite knowledgeable at dealing with many different injuries both on a physical and emotional level.

So here we are, both physio’s; married (happily); no kids (for now); with a love for cool kicks (seriously you should see our growing collection of high tops); and an obsession for chicken wings (if anyone has suggestions for the best buffalo wings in sydney please do share); and about to start living our dream to have our own space where we can work with athletes.

Let’s just clear something up real quick, when we talk about ATHLETES we are not talking about only the elite. The Active RX definition of an athlete is anyone who regularly get’s out there and get’s active. We believe MOVEMENT is therapy and it doesn’t matter if your movement is a daily walk, a 10km run or a 90 minute weight session, as long as you move then we consider you an athlete.

The truth is many of us don’t move that well. Long hours spent sitting, bad postural habits, incorrect lifting technique and too much time staring at our phones are just a few of the ways that we have begun to develop inefficient ways of moving. Certain muscles and joints become stiff, others become weak and lazy, creating imbalances where there should be equilibrium. Eventually we break down.

Active Rx is our way of combining our passion for exercise with our knowledge and interest in the way to body is designed to move.

Pretty much we just want to help. We want this blog and our various social media outlets to be a platform of knowledge; a place where you can find cool new mobility exercises, technique tips and other useful information that can help you move better, play better and train better.

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