Our tips for a ‘healthy holiday’

How good are holidays?

A chance to chill & totally checkout.

We recently spent 10 days living in a graffiti embossed Van than we nicknamed Cruz. This particular holiday was a little out of the ordinary for us. We aren’t campers and we have never been campers, but for over a week swimming in lakes was our shower, we navigated bush trails using a map (and didn’t get lost once), we ate ‘hikers lunch’ of ham & avocado sandwiches with tea from the thermos & spent evenings by the camp fire. I think now we are campers!

We are total explorers and love an excuse to walk anywhere. Along the way we stopped in all the little towns to meander the streets. It’s amazing what you stumble upon whether it’s a hole in the wall café serving fresh cookies & coffee, an old school vintage clothes store or hidden private beach. Some of our best memories are from places we had no idea even existed. We are also total gluttons. A car trip longer than an hour needs multiple road snacks and we would find a reason to stop at roadside diners, BBQ’s or fresh food stands.

To counteract this somewhat relaxed approached to healthy eating we try and move in some way every day. We have been known to hit a hotel gym before sitting down to buffet breakfast, we sometimes make pit stops during a days driving for a cool trail run or hike to a lookout. After all you all know our philosophy at Active RX is that Movement is medicine BUT the rule is…. holiday first, workout second.

We set ourselves a few ‘rules’ for lack of a better term when we travel:

  • Never set an alarm for the gym. The only exception is on days when there is a long flight we like to do something before hand otherwise serious cabin fever sets in!
  • Gym based workouts are 30 mins max. Get in get out.
  • Explore first, gym second. Ideally make exploring our exercise for the day. One of our favourite ways to see a city is to run it. This is better done in the morning to avoid crowds. Countries like America always have bike rentals and are well designed to cycle around which is another great way to see the sites.
  • Indulge. Eat pizza and donuts if you want too. Your vegetables and salad will be waiting for you when you get home.
  • No scales. We don’t even own them in Sydney so this is an easy one for us but seriously don’t even bother, it’s not worth it. Just enjoy yourself your body won’t change that much in a matter of weeks.
  • Stay hydrated. We constantly have full water bottles and make a point of drinking a lot of water especially with all the hiking & walking we were doing in the sun it’s easy to become dehydrated.
  • Sleep in. Sleep is the ultimate recovery tool and holidays are the best time to repay some of the sleep debt you have built up. When we were living in the van we went to bed most nights at 9pm, that way when we woke up to the sun rising we were well rested and ready to seize the day!

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Now it’s back to business!!!