Injury Prevention 101

Injuries is what we do. We see them every day. They arise from all different circumstances,  in many different patient populations and every individual injury is slightly unique.

However for the purpose of today’s blog we are going to try and give you an insight into some common mistakes that people make which brings them knocking on the physio’s door.

Keep clear of these and you might spend less time on the physio table!


So you just signed up to run a marathon. That doesn’t mean you have to run 6 times in your first training week. This not an uncommon scenario that we see and the same goes for for the gym or any form of exercise. Build up into it! If you’re new to something you need to slowly expose yourself to it to allow your body to adjust, adapt and most importantly recover.


Plain and simple there are some movements in the gym that are technical and you need to learn how to do them properly. Poor technique might not lead to an injury straight away but repetitious incorrect loading can wear out a joint, tendon, ligament or muscle and eventually one or more of the systems will  break down. Get a trainer, ask a physio,  or do some research into how you should be doing your chosen exercise, and if in doubt leave it out.


In an ideal world everyone would be able to do whatever form of exercise they want, but the reality is your body might not be ready some of the more complicated or advanced movements. Master the basics and then you can start to be more adventurous with exercise selection. For example at the moment it seems like Jefferson Curls are all the rage but if you can’t master a deadlift starting with the former is a sure fire way to get injured.


We’ve all been guilty of this at one point; felt a little niggle but decided to put it to the back of your mind and soldier on. You might push through for a session, a week, a month but in the end that pain either doesn’t go away or gets worse. Pain is out inbuilt warning system, it’s your body telling you something isn’t quite right so don’t ignore it.  Go and see someone that can help you figure out what and why you have pain.


Everyone is different;  we all have different body shapes, sizes, different levels of training, experience and muscle memory. Don’t copy an exercise just because a ripped guy on the bench next to you is doing it. Don’t copy a bodybuilders program when you’ve never lifted weights before. Do some research and ask for advice – you’ll find most Physio’s and PT’s will be happy to give out some free advice.  You need to find out what exercises will suit you, your body, your experience and your fitness level.


Variety in your training can greatly reduce the chances of getting injured. Doing the same exercise over and over again can lead to overload of certain areas whilst also risking neglecting some muscles and joints. Sure if you’re a runner, you’re a runner – but throwing in some strength training even if it’s once or twice a week can help your running and hopefully bulletproof you from some injuries. This also goes to the gym goer too – if you like doing bench press then by all means bench press but also include other exercise variations to train your chest by using dumbbells, push ups or cables. Changing it up means you won’t stress the same structures over and over.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via email or come by our office!